Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We have followers???

Lol. Wow, until now we've been anonymous lurkers, peering into other people's lives and experiences. We started this blog more as a piece of therapy and for some silly reason never really thought about anyone reading it.

Today I log on, and BAM! we have a couple of followers, who I of course recognize since we are following them. :) So...HI guys! Thanks for the nice comments. It feels nice to be part of this group since most people we talk to about this stuff scratch their heads!
Mostly when you are reading, it will be Todd (the lighter haired Canadian). I am a bit of an engine on this matter at the moment, and while Matt's totally on board, I'm the one who seems to be pushing into new and necessary frontiers. The other point that is worth mentioning is that Matt is only 29, I am 40, so for me the pressure is a little higher to getting moving on this. I don't want to be in diapers before my child's out of them!
One of the many comforting moments I have had reading all the blogs is when I noticed how many gay guys/couples have started to really make this push at 40. Call is safety in numbers, it made me think, "Ok Todd, you're not crazy or alone", there are other guys, like you, feeling and doing similar things. Most of my gay guy friends, I think secretly think Matt and I are nuts! Why give up all the freedom to do and go where you want? Well let me tell you...this was not a choice for me. Once the ball got rolling it grabbed me and swept me up. I love it!
I wake up 5-6am these days to check whether we've heard from Mumbai, or the Egg Donor agencies. I check our email account 20 maybe 30 times a day. WEIRD. I'm obsessed. And did I mention, I'm loving it?
So there you have it.
On a side note, a friend of ours who writes her own blog (and works for an Ad agency) tells me that I should always put a picture or something else in other than text, so here goes...these are our dogs, Kozzie (male, smaller white one) and Abbey (female, larger Cocker) who had a whole lot to do with us realizing that we have LOTS of love to give!

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  1. this is too funny! i do the exact same thing. (ok maybe not 5am, but EARLY)! and i constantly check for email updates! when do you guys head to India? I'm going in the start of December. Your Blog is great to read by the way. I just started mine, but i'd lvoe to keep in touch and share info, stories, etc. Sean