Friday, November 27, 2009

My swimmers

Well I haven't written anything in weeks, and really there hasn't been a lot to write about. However today, I met with my Doc for the results of my sperm analysis and I'm FERTILE!!! Hahaha.

It's weird because I've just always assumed (for some strange reason) that I was infertile. The whole DES thing (see previous entry) gave me an excuse just to make the assumption. I think it helped with the pain of realizing that I wouldn't have kids, that I wasn't fit or able or allowed to have children, according to society, my family, maybe even myself. So it made it easier for me just to assume that I couldn't.

Flash forward to present day, it's a whole different world and so is my life. I live with an incredible man that I love and adore, we are steady and stable and happy, and the thought of raising a family with him makes me want to burst. Somehow all this gave me the impetus and courage to find out, another step towards a goal that, the powers above willing, we will realize.

It was interesting to see the information you get in this type of test. Volume (5mls, where 3-7mls are normal), good sperm (55%, anything over 30% is good) and bad sperm (45%) and number, and this one I was really proud of 85 million, where anything over 20 million is normal. WOW! Let me tell you, I walked out of there with my head a little higher, hahaha.

I also debriefed my GP on the conditions of the lab I went to, hopefully he can spare future patients. He asked if there was any 'material', I had to laugh. I said with the exception of my iPhone (scroll, scroll, scroll) NO! There wasn't even any paper towel, let alone 'material', lol.

Anyways, it was nice news to get. It made me feel a little closer to the patter of feet in our house ;).